Monday Musing: Kate Moss the ‘Boss’

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We have to admit that fashion has made many U-turns when coming up with covetable trends for the season. Perhaps even taking a look or two from Kate herself, as she has been the ‘look’ of fashion for over a decade. Looking back at Moss in the nineties meant falling in love with a gorgeous blonde whose quintessential style remained true through the years. Despite her drug-related troubles, and infamy for dating only the baddest boy in Hollywood, Johnny Depp, she’s also managed to really make a name for herself in fashion for years to come. 

Her style is simple, with her best asset always being her confidence and edgy persona. That’s why she’s on the Front Row Spectator today. Her risky and almost always bare body captured the desktops of many men, and drew envy to the minds of her female counterparts. 

Rumors have been confirmed that there will be a documentary set to aire this year based on the life of Ms. Moss and her journey becoming the face of fashion.

I know what works, I know what women want, and I know there is money to be made. My name is my brand and it’s going to be the biggest thing in fashion.

Kate Moss

 Photos courtesy of Tumblr and videos courtesy of YouTube

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